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From our clients:

So much effort is put into planning that one special day and there is just too much going on. You don't want to be answering questions or fixing any problems. What you will want is someone organized, experienced, and reliable to be in charge. I strongly recommend you go with Tina. Trust me, you won't regret it!


Stress-less about your wedding…

Tina was the best wedding vendor we had, and my only regret was not bringing her into the planning process sooner. She was incredibly responsive to all of my emails, no matter how random the question, and made the weeks leading up to the wedding unexpectedly relaxing.



Contact us today to start planning your unique, fun, and eclectic wedding! We offer complimentary 30 minute Skype consultation to get you started on the right foot. No harm done in chatting over video conferencing, right?

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