If you’re recently engaged and searching for a Pasadena wedding venue, this blog post is perfect for you! I’ve gathered 12 of my favorite Pasadena wedding venues here.  Many of the photos are from events we’ve planned and a few are from our partner photographers.  Pasadena is the home of the Rose Parade, Rose Bowl, characters of Big Bang Theory, and film location for many classic movies. Just northeast of downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find shopping and dining district in Old Pasadena known for its Victorian and art deco buildings. Other than the venues I listed below, there are tons of museums that are also available for event rental, such as Armory Center for the Arts and Pasadena Museum of History. There are manors and mansions, resorts and hotels, restaurants and banquet halls, and beautiful churches such as First Baptist Church Pasadena and Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Pasadena Wedding - Cafe Santorini The Rococo Room
Simply Two Photography

1. Castle Green

Castle Green Pasadena Wedding Venue
Simply Two Photography

2. The Gamble House

Pasadena Wedding Venue Gamble Houses
Tiffany Wu Photography

3. Pasadena Museum of History

Pasadena Wedding Venue Fenyes Estate Museum of History
Tiffany Wu Photography

4. The Athenaeum

Wedding at Athenaeum Cal Tech
Tiffany Wu Photography

5. The Langham Huntington

Pasadena Wedding Venue The Langham Huntington Hotel and Resort
Tiffany Wu Photography

6. Noor

Noor Wedding Venue Pasadena
Amy Haberland Photography

7. Cafe Santorini – The Rococo Room

Simply Two Photography

8. The Westin Pasadena

Pasadena Wedding Venue The Westin Pasadena
Andy Seo Studio

9. The Maxwell House

10. Hilton Pasadena

11. The Ambassador Auditorium & Gardens

12. The Huntington Library & Gardens

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