Want to have a creative and fun event to celebrate your child’s most precious years? We provide event planning, design, and set up and strike on the day of, so you can sit back and enjoy the special moments surrounded by family, friends, yummy desserts, pretty decorations, and unforgettable entertainment, and… you get what we’re trying to convey.

Baby’s One Month Celebration
As a part of Chinese culture it’s customary that when a baby turns a month old that a ceremony will be held to honor their first month of life. We understand how important this celebration can be and want to help you plan accordingly for the occasion.

Sip & See Party
A sip and see is a party thrown by new mom and dad after baby’s birth. It’s a chance for family and friends to meet the baby and socialize with the new parents in the comfort of own home. It’s overwhelming to take care of a newborn. Let us help you put together a fun gathering that everyone will talk about

Baby’s 100-Day Celebration
A baby’s 100th day of life is something celebrated and rooted deeply into Chinese and Korean cultures. The 100 days not only signifies the baby’s life up to that point, but is also a celebration for all the friends and family. This idea was picked up and implemented into many Asian cultures and is now gaining popularity in North America. We can help you plan this fun and special occasion to make it amazing for all those in your baby’s life.

First Birthday Party
First off congratulations on your baby turning a year old! Not to mention congrats to you for making it through their first year of life. A first birthday party can be a great reason for an intimate gathering of family and friends or a more lavish celebration. No matter which you choose your little one is sure to be fascinated by all the excitement. We want to be there to help you plan a party that you’ll remember forever.


How does it work?
We offer simple solutions to help make party planning as easy as possible.

  1. Pay us the entire budget of your event and we’ll take care of everything from booking venues and vendors, design and set up decorations, purchase and assemble favors. (Minimum budget $8,000 for 50 guests)
  2. Pay us to research and provide a proposal with venue, vendors, and decoration ideas. You do the rest, such as booking the venue/vendors, setup and clean up. (Design rate starts $1,500)

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