Hey! Recently engaged? Congratulations! Take a couple of weeks and soak up the happiness; share the new with family and friends; change your relationship status on social media; flash that engagement ring to co-workers. When you’ve done all of the above. Let’s plan your wedding!


Join my Meetup group and hang out with other couples planning their weddings. Meet new friends in real life, not virtually.  Share tips, resources, and support each other. Meetups will be guided by a professional wedding planner (Me!!!) and a team of wedding vendors. We will meet in Glendale at the DIY LA Bride Studio once a month. Bring your fiancé/e, bff, MOH, sister, mom and whoever is helping you with your DIY wedding.

I want to keep the meetup casual and fun. We may have a design meetup and look thru bridal magazines, Pinterest together. We may have a timeline review meetup to look thru your wedding day run down/schedule/timeline to. And lots of other topics.



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