Diy project planner

This DIY Wedding Project Planner is designed to help you plan ahead any DIY projects you’re about to take on for your wedding. Whether it’s designing your own invitation or crafting the perfect ceremony backdrop, with this little planner, you’ll start in the right direction to a less stressful and fun wedding planning experience.

planner_screenshotWhat is a DIY wedding planning? Simply put, it’s YOU planning your own wedding and crafting items needed to make the wedding a success. There are many wedding projects you can take on and have a beautiful wedding. However, you should evaluate your crafting skills before taking the plunge. Making ONE is fun but might not be when you have to make 150 of them and still keep the consistency and quality. It’s OK to take on a couple of DIY wedding elements, but leave the rest to a wedding professional. Hiring a wedding planner or manager will keep you on track, and a coordinator to execute on the wedding day will save your sanity.

Photo by Tiffany Wu Photography
Worksheet Designed by Judy Li Design

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